Cassie Stargaze

A blonde girl with pigtails and a huge bow


Race/Class: Human Seeker
Age: 25

STR 12
CON 12
DEX 16
INT 08
WIS 18
CHA 10

HP 30
AC/F/R/W: 15/12/15/16

Weapon: Greatbow
Armor: Leather


Cassie was born and raised in Trenton. Her father died taking an arrow to the heart for her, so she learned how to master the bow so that she could one day avenge him.

As a teenager she met her best friend, Julia. They stuck together and wound their boyfriends together. Jacob and Azen. At a royal ball the demons of The Soul of Fate attacked and the formed group of teens escaped and were approached by Majo Berenson and his lieutenants. Azen, Lieutenant Wakil and Cassie form a group and travel to Bellin’s Ferry, facing demons along the way. There they meet up with Majo, Julia and the others. Jacob’s friend Fletch attacks the church and turns into a demon.
Wakil is killed is the battle, and the group of six escapes with a strange old man Gustav Zolomon.

At Gustav’s sanctuary he trains the six to fight against the goddess Kentalia. In the next seven years Azen betrays them and nearly kills Majo. While Majo is in recovery Cassie falls in love with him and they have a child, Krayko.

After the seven year war and the loss of Gustav and Sandra Zolomon, the remaining four, Jacob, Julia, Majo and Cassie, leave their children in the care of her cousin Marco, and they set off to save the world from The Soul of Fate, the evil cult that has orchestrated everything and still plans the end of the world.

Cassie Stargaze

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