Jacob Strife

A guy with one eye and a long crimson coat, carrying a big sword.


Race/Class: Human Blackguard
Age: 25

STR 18
CON 13
DEX 08
INT 10
WIS 11
CHA 16

HP 33
AC/F/R/W 18/16/12/15

Weapon: Fullblade
Armor: Full Plate


Jacob was born in another world and rescued from an insane cleric’s blade. Sandra Zolomon was his savior, an old woman, paired with Gustav Zolomon. He was raised by an abusive father, and grew up with anger coursing in his veins. That is until the day he met a girl by the name of Julia Lockhart that flipped his entire perspective on life.
More than once he would end up saving her life and a love triangle began between a girl claiming to be his ‘girlfriend’, Julia and himself.

Demon’s attacked his home town and he joined a group of soldiers working for an organization called RAGNAROK. Jacob and the team of nine split up and reconvened in Bellin’s Ferry at a church of Pelor that was soon under siege as well. His friend ‘Fletch’ betrayed him and tried to kill them all leading a horde of demons.

In the end two soldiers were lost, Wakil and Coldwell. But the remaining 7 escaped via airship with Gustav and Sandra. Both in their 80’s, they claimed to have travelled many planes with The Book of Fate, saving one world after another. Using this knowledge they trained the group (Jacob, Julia, Cassie, Majo, Valeriana and Azen) to fight an oncoming apocalypse by the hands of an evil goddess, Kentalia.

Through the next seven years they would fight, cry, laugh, and live. Some would be injured, some would be killed… but Jacob would discover within him he holds the soul of Beezlebub, the prince of the Nine Hell. He would later come to control it.

But Jacob survived. He is now currently married to Julia, and is best friends with Majo and Cassie. He has two children, twins boys, Akira and Tobias, both one year old.

Jacob sets off into the world, wearing his red crimson coat embroidered with the word HERO seeking to defend it so his children can grow up in peace.

Jacob Strife

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