Example of a Skill Challenge

Example of a skill challenge:

The Players continue with their adventure. Each has their own set of characters, foes, companions, and grunts they can access.

Patrick is the designated Alpha Director, he is running the story utilizing his character Lady Shasta, a young 14 year noble in the City of Denovar in the Elsir Vale.

Cahomie has been assigned the Game Engineer, he is responsible for the mechanics of the game that fall outside the players characters (s). He runs Mr. Whiskerton, a large cat loyal to Lady Shasta, a companion of level 4.

Jason has been designated the Referee, he will make decisions that the players or other members can not agree upon. Jason is playing a Level 1 Centaur Ranger called Kahesh Spear Swift.

Jackie has been designated the Chairperson, she makes sure that the game moves smoothly; no one violates the social contract and that everyone is having a good time. Her character is Johan, a human 5th level paladin.

Dave is playing his 5th level Minotaur Slayer, Brunswick.

Scott plays a minion who is Lady Shasta’s nurse called Matilda, a level 4 minion.

The group attempted to stop the assassination of another official of the Church of Erathis but were too late. They have entered the chamber of the High cleric and found him lying in pool of his own blood. Worse yet, the arrow sticking out of his neck is very similar to Kahesh Spear swifts arrows.

PATRICK: Lady Shasta looks at the arrow, “How is this possible?” Suddenly a loud banging is heard at the door. “Mi, lord! We heard noises…!” [PATRICK , as ALPHA is moving the story forward]

SCOTT: “Oh, me heavens….It’s the Palace Guard. We should not be here!” [SCOTT adds to the story by emphasizing the danger of their investigation]

JASON: Kalesh looks intently at the arrow. It could not be his…. This is going to be a skill challenge of complexity 1. The goal is to get out of this situation. [JASON, as REFEREE, has determined that this is a skill challenge]

CAHOMIE: We are average level 3. So it will be DC 13 for all rolls and four checks before three failures. [CAHOMIE as GAME ENGINEER has dictated the rules]

JACKIE: Johan tries to calm everyone down. “Don’t worry, we will explain the situation…”
Jonah approaches the door “Hold palace guard, fear not… we are here to help.” I will make a diplomacy roll. (Jackie rolls the die and rolls a total of 9). F***! The Guards shout and bang on the door “Who is that in there!?” [Notice JACKIE has intensify the situation, if she did not contimue the narrative, the REFEREE would have continued describing the outcome].

CAHOMIE: That is one failure. [CAHOMIE as GAME ENGINEER has dictated the rules]

PATRICK: Lady Shasta starts to panic. “We have to get out of here!” She tries to think of a solution. I make a 17 insight roll. “Wait! The assassin could not have gotten out through the main doors!” [PATRICK , as ALPHA is moving the story forward]

CAHOMIE: That is one success. Mr. Whisketon begins to sniff about the room. A Perception roll of 22. He digs his nose behind a tapestry. Another success, two more to go. [CAHOMIE as GAME ENGINEER has dictated the rules and moves the narrative forward]

SCOTT: Matilda, in panic, tries to imitate the voice of the old cleric “Who—what..quite that banging!” I try to bluff. Ugh a 3. And the smashing of the door gets louder. [Notice SCOTT is increasing the tension of the narrative].

CAHOMIE: Two success and two failures. [CAHOMIE as GAME ENGINEER has dictated the rules].

JASON: The arrow head of Kahesh’s arrow was dug deep in the cleric body. He snaps off the fetching, knowing that the similarities between his own and the arrow cannot be a coincidence. He pulls off the tapestry and finds a door on the other side. “Hmmm. It appears to be locked.” Kalesh begins to pull out his tools and work on the door but the door the palace guards are banging on begins to buckle…” [Notice how JASON has added to the story and has allowed another player to do something before his character to create tension]
JACKIE: “Brunswick, secure the door!” [Notice JACKIE, as the CHAIRPERSON, makes sure that DAVE has an opportunity to contribute. She cold have easily had her own character do the job but that leave him out]

DAVE: The guards begin to crack the door. Brunswick quickly grabs a large dresser and pushes in front of the door using all of his might. (Rolls his die) A 25 Athletics and he pushes the large dresser easily in front of the door. He growls, “Hurry up horseman!” [Notice how DAVE creates tension in the story]

CAHOMIE: Three success and two failures, this is make it or break it! [CAHOMIE as GAME ENGINEER has dictated the rules].

JASON: Kahesh slowly inserts his tool into the lock, after a few seconds there is click (rolls a thievery of 14). The lock clicks and the door opens.

CAHOMIE: The Skill challenge is a success. [CAHOMIE as GAME ENGINEER has dictated the rules].

PATRICK: Lady Shasta rushes inside “Come on, follow me!” [PATRICK, as ALPHA is moving the story forward]

If JASON had not managed to open the lock, then the skill challenge would be a failure and the consequences would be the door would burst open and the guards would rush in. The players would decide if they wanted to fight their way out or let the guards arrest them. In any case, the narrative continues.

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Example of a Skill Challenge

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