Example of Play

An example of play:

The Players decide get together to run an adventure. Each has their own set of characters , foes, companions, and grunts they can access.

Patrick is designated as the Alpha Director, he will guide the story utilizing his character Lady Shasta, a young 14 year noble in the City of Denovar in the Elsir Vale. The events take place after the Battle of Brindol and the city is trying to rebuild its defenses since Denovar’s arch wizard Aragathos went missing. He has envisioned his character as a level 2 Shaman/Warlord Hybrid.

Cahomie has been assigned the Game Engineer, he is responsible for the mechanics of the game that fall outside the players characters (s). He has not decided what character to play and is waiting to see what the story is about.

Jason has been designated the Referee, he will make decisions that the players or other members can not agree upon. Jason decides to play his brand new 1st level PC centaur ranger Kahesh Spear Swift.

Jackie has been designated the Chairperson, she makes sure that the game moves smoothly; no one violates the social contract and that everyone is having a good time. Jackie wanted to play Remial but he is too high level compared to the other PC’s in this session. Instead, she plays a squire of Remial, Johan who is a human 5th level paladin who she has played before. She thinks up a way to explain why he is in Denovar.

Dave wanted to play his high level sorcerer but cannot because of the level difference (he makes a note that he would like to be the alpha next session so he can play his character). Instead, he brings his 5th level Minotaur Slayer, Brunswick. He has played Brunswick before and thinks up a reason why Brunwick is at Denovar.

Scott decides to play off Patrick’s narrative and create a minion who is Lady Shasta’s nurse, Matilda. He decides to use one of his level 3 grunt guards and re-skins it to the nurse, replacing its sword with a very large cudgel. Scott plans on being more of a comedy relief than a hero and hopes to stir the story.

Cahomie, seeing what Scott has done decides to play the role of a big cat belonging to castle. He pulls one of his companion characters of Level 4, re-skins it and decides to play Mr. Whiskerton, a big cat.

The game begins:

PATRICK: In the city of Denova, Lady Shasta climbs down the tall spire of Castle Denovar and into the north tower. This is a common route for her to make her way from other side of the castle to the next, as she is know as a scrappy tomboy of the court. Flying above her is her spirit hawk, a primal hawk that has been her companion since her birth and is the symbol of her family crest. Reaching the end of the tower she see an open window, her destination and makes a leap across to it. (begins to Roll an athletics check)

CAHOMIE: How far is the window?

JASON: It is 8 feet, and Lady Shasta is up 60 feet from the ground!

CAHOMIE: You need to make a DC 18 athletics check.

PATRICK: I have good athletics (rolls) … but not good enough! A 17!

JASON: You are hanging on the ledge of the window.

CAHOMIE: Just behind Lady Shasta, Mr. Whiskerton has been following her. He leaps from his position (rolls athletics) and jumps into the window. He sticks out his head make a growl sound, “GRRRR.”

PATRICK: “Whiskerton! Get some help for me, I’m slipping!”

SCOTT: Just then, Matilda carrying a chamber pot enters the tower “Oh, Good graces of Erathis’s robe, what are you doing you gnarly cat? Get your head-” and she look down and to see Lady Shata. “For crying sakes child, what are you doing !!?”

PATRICK: “Uh, good morning Matilda!” I try to climb out. (Rolls athletics) ugg, 12!

CAHOMIE: You need a 15.

JASON: You’re still stuck.

JACKIE: Let us introduce the other characters, Johan is riding his horse through the street of Denovar when he looks far and see what appears to be someone hanging on the window from the tower. (rolls perception, but it is less than 10) but can’t make it them out. “That’s odd.”

JASON: Next to Johan is a slender centaur with a large spear strapped to his back. His hair and beard are braided. Johan met Kahesh on the road and they decided to travel together, given the remnants of the Redhoard still milling about. He looks at the person hanging from the tower (rolls a 30 perception). “It appears to be a girl. That is odd!”

DAVE: Just then a loud crash is heard and a group of three patrons from the local pub, the “Billowing Dragon” are thrown out the door. A loud roar is heard and emerging from the door is a hulking black Minotaur with a large jug of wine in one hand an a sinister battle axe in another. He looks at Johan and the centaur and says “What’s odd?”

Eventually, all of the characters will meet each other and be embroiled in story led by Patrick. At the end of the session, the group should finish the story. If they do not, Patrick may give the reigns to the story to another Alpha or stop there until he becomes the Alpha again. Scott may decide to drop his character and play a new one or flesh out Matilda into a hero. Caohmie may decide to flesh out his character as well, making him a druid who just happens to be in cat-form during the adventure or maybe someone who is curse into the form. In the next session he could bring that into the story. Or he could play no heroes in the story and instead play the supporting roles throughout the adventure.

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Example of Play

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