Role of the Referee

The Referee is the decider on issues that need a judgment. The main goals of the Referee is to keep the game going, not to redefine it.

1) Move the Game along: The Referee is charged with the task of moving the game along by providing final judgement on issues in the game.

2)Referee decides results on pending issues: A judgment call is needed to determined what the effects of a situation may entail that is not already determined by rule or narrative. For example, on how long it takes travel from one part of a city to another, if not already determined by mechanics (i,e. movement rate) or narrative by a player(“Joshua Axebreak quickly lumbers through the streets and makes it to the door of temple in 5 minutes.”)

3) When questions arise, makes the final decision: When a question arises and is not part of the narrative, the Referee will give a judgement. “The window is 60 feet from the ground”.

4) Makes Judgement calls: Will make the final judgment calls on thing such as averages, totals, successes, and failures. Determines outcomes when narrative, Chairperson, Director, or Game Engineer cannot (choose not to) make a decision. For example, determining that an average of 3.5 is a 4, you can use that skill in place of another, “it dies”.

5) Judgements are Final: A Referee, while trying to be consistent, makes a judgement that is binding for the session. His rule cannot be overturned, though he may rule differently in a similar case. Other players who disagree on the judgment must place their dissatisfaction in their voting for the next Referee and not in session. The Referee is free from reprisal from other players.

6) Power limited to making final decision, has no veto: The referee can only use his power to make final decisions, he does not have veto power to override a decision, even his own. Narrative (Alpha & Beta Directors) and game mechanics (Game Engineer) take precedence over the Referee. Furthermore, he is held to the tenets of the social contract.

Role of the Referee

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