When things just don't work out

In some cases, a player just does not live up to the expectations of the group. They fail to perform their role with competence, sincerity or just don’t work well with the premise of the groups vision.

A collaboration group is not for the gamer with a “us vs them” mentality. Nor is it for a gamer expecting to be entertained by others. It is an investment of energy and time which should be rewarding. If a player does not feel that reward, and no proposals they make meet their satisfaction, they should consider placing their energy and time in another venture.

In those cases where a player is unaware of their lack of contribution, the group places a vote on the continuation of that player. Based on vote, the group decides on the course of action that should be taken. From that vote it will be decided what is needed by said player in order for the collaboration to continue (i.e. “contribute more”, “stop being a jerk”, “lay off the profanity”, etc.) which is commonly refer to as “The Talk”. The group elects who shall be giving “The Talk”, preferably a player who is mutually respected.

If the group decides the player is not contributing to the enjoyment of the game, even after “The Talk” they will ask them to find a group more suitable to their play style.

When things just don't work out

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