The purpose of this manual is for players of this game to learn and follow guidelines on running a collaborative game. A collaborative game is a roleplaying session that utilizes the players as the storytellers of the narrative without the use of a designated game-master.

The system this is being designed for is for Dungeons and Dragons 4e but is influenced by systems such as Ars Magica. D&D 4e is is being used because; 1) the players already know the system, 2) players have invested time in creating and playing characters 3) Players have invested money (books, character generator fees) for the system 4)the world of Dungeon and dragons is familiar to all of them.

The description of the game is provided here.

Why the Name?
The Elsir Project derives its name from the Red Hand of Doom Adventure book setting, which was originally a D&D 3.5 product but updated for 4e by the Game master. In addition, the game was already being run using elements of collaborative play. Towards the end of the adventure, players wanted to know if the game would continue afterwards (i.e. will they be able to play their characters past paragon). The Game master offered them the opportunity (which they agreed) to open the game to being a fully collaborative game.

The Elsir Project

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