The Elsir Project

Session One

Tomb of the Ten Kings: Act 1

Setting: The Elsir Vale: 6 months after the Battle of Brindol
Characters: Salen (Eladrin Sorcerer), Draft Von Theilmen (Human Slayer) Raven (Reverent Fighter)
(Wizard) (Elven Barbarian/Avenger) Ternock (Half-orc Ranger).

Salen is summoned to Brindol by the high priest of the Pelor Church, Tredor Goldenbrow who presents to him a large clay tablet they found from a old shrine in the catacombs of the city. Bearing the symbols of dragons, Salen decides to gather several comrades of arms together and meet with Aragathos, the dragon Sorcerer of the city of Denovar. In route across the Vale countryside, the group is attacked by a hoard of undead monsters led by a screaming Eladrin Ghost. After dispatching the enemies, they question…how did this creatures reach the vale?



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