The Elsir Project

Session Two

Tomb of the Ten Kings: Act 2

Setting: The Elsir Vale: 6 months after the Battle of Brindol
Characters: Salen (Eladrin Sorcerer), Draft Von Theilmen (Human Slayer) Raven (Reverent Fighter)
? (Elven Barbarian/Avenger) Ternock (Half-orc Ranger), Katherine Steelforge (Human Rune Priest).

The undead enemies dispatched, Kathrine Steelforge emerges from the forst and meets Salen and his comrades. Kathrine speaks that she has been sent to aid Salen and the group discover that the undead arrived from some portal that no longer there. Ternock makes a note of the location and the group presses forward to the City of Denovar.

At the gates of the once great city they find it sealed and guards at first refuse to let the heroes enter. Convincing from the party allows them entrance. They learn that Denovar has hit hard times since the war; the corruption of the council and the fall of Aragathos’s standing in the city has made the public less optimistic to their future.

Arriving to Argathos’s tower discover its grandeur is all but shattered. Allowed entrance by a undead Warforge, they discover the once powerful man living in squalid conditions. The bitter old sorcerer rebukes the returning heroes but agrees to look at the tablet and finds it reveals the location of a old dragonborn temple in the Thornwaste and strange reference to “The Door”.

Argathos offers a map for safe passage through the Thornwaste but only if they agree to help them if they manage to convince the City Council of reinstating his Arcane Guard (of which he previous disbanded during the Redhand invasion. Reluctantly they party leaves to meet the City council, or what is left of it. They meet Mr. Queeg, a bureaucratic pencil pusher and Mr. Bernie an obese man who is in charge because he is the only rich merchant left in the city (after the scandal). The adventurers manage to form agreement between the parties to allow the Arcane Guard return. Aragathos agrees and gives a map to Salen for a safe route through the Thornwaste.

During the meeting Raven overheard a plot by the Brothers of Erathis, an devote assassins guild with plans to take out Aragathos. The group bring the warning to Aragathos but leave the city continue their quest.

In the Thornwaste, the group manage to survive avoid an ambush in the craggy mountain pass and reach the open desert plains to the ancient ruin known as the Arch. Their horse flee in panic when trying to go through the arch and they continue on foot, weary of the Ghostlord’s lair which lies many miles t the west of them. They reached the ancient mound of the Tomb and discover a seal on the ground. Katherine attempted to open it but soon found the rune starting to glow. Salen found by speaking ancient draconic he was able to stop the trap and open the portal. The ground around them rumbled and rising from the sands, a courtyard and entrance rose from the silt of the waste land. But in an instant, they were attacked by a cadre of undead warriors.

The creatures defeated, Katherine discovered a treasure from the corpses and took it for her self. Rested from the battle, they begin to ascend the stairs to the temple below.



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