Julia Lockhart

A girl with raven black hair and wearing white armor.


Race/Class: Human Paladin
Age: 25

STR 18
CON 12
DEX 10
INT 10
WIS 10
CHA 16

HP 38
AC/F/R/W: 20/16/14/15

Weapon: Longsword and Heavy Shield
Armor: Plate


Julia grew up in the another world in the city known as Angels. Her father sent her away as a teenager to save her from an evil cult known as The Soul of Fate.

She stayed in Trenton with her cousin Jessica. In her first tenday there she met a new best friend, the happy-go-lucky, Cassie Stargaze. They would form a close friendship right away. She also made her worst enemy… Valeriana Galanodel. This girl, Valeriana, sword to cause her hell when she found her ‘boyfriend’ Jacob was interested in Julia.

A budding romance began between her and Jacob… which made Valeriana angrier.
When the demons overran Trenton, Julia escaped with Captain Majo of RAGNAROK and with Jacob’s friend Fletch. During the escape Julia was very badly injured, Fletch was captured by demons, and they barely escaped with a small dog known as Puggers.
They made it to the church in Bellin’s Ferry, where a betraying Fletch would lead the demons in an attempt to kill the survivors.

Jacob defeated Fletch and they escaped with Gustav and Sandra Zolomon.

Over the next seven years, Julia would train and come to discover within her lies the soul of an an archangel, Ael. She would come in tune with this side and became a warrior for the side of good. She fought the invasion of Kentalia, the evil Goddess, and married Jacob at the end of it all, bearing twin boys, Akira and Tobias.

One year later, she left her children with friends so she could go and defend the world and promised to return to them one day…

Julia Lockhart

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