Majo Berenson

A military captain with blonde hair and spiked gauntlets


Race/Class: Human Warlord
Age: 28

STR 18
CON 10
DEX 08
INT 16
WIS 11
CHA 13

HP: 35
AC/F/R/W: 17/16/14/13

Weapon: Spiked Gauntlets and Light shield
Armor: Chainmail


Majorson ‘Majo’ Berenson had a bad childhood. His sister Claire came down with a disease and suffered horribly. She pleaded for death and Majo ended her life to save her from the pain.
He then went on the run and joined a foreign military, rising to the rank of captain.

His life was normal until he was contacted by a ‘Zolomon’ who offered him knowledge on his sister’s disease, should he protect Julia Lockhart. He found Julia and protected her from demons on an airship heading to Trenton. Greatly injured they were separated, but he was given another mission by Zolomon (who revealed herself to be an odd old woman).

Alongside his lieutenants, Wilshire Coldwell and Lexingly Wakil they travelled to a prison filled with demons and monsters, ultimately recovering Zolomon’s Book of Fate. They fought the cult, The Soul of Fate to escape. There Sandra and Gustav Zolomon evacuated them via airship.

Gustav told of an impending demon apocalypse, so the three joined his army called RAGNAROK.
Together they found a group Gustav ordered them to protect. The nine split up and escaped Trenton, but not without casualties… Wakil and Coldwell were killed by demon summoned by The Soul of Fate and Fletch, a friend of the teen Jacob was stolen away by bat demons.

Majo alongside Jacob Strife when Fletch attacked the church they all hid in. But the group of now six escaped to Gustav’s sanctuary, where the old man trained them how to fight the oncoming apocalypse.

Two would turn on them from with; Azen and Valeriana. Majo fought Azen who had become a powerful arch-fiend and lost both of his arms in the battle, barely surviving. He was later fitted with warforged arms.

Seven years would pass as they fought the invasion of Kentalia, a corrupt Goddess. But in the end, after the death’s of Sandra and Gustav and many others, he, Jacob, Julia and Cassie saved the lands and repelled Kentalia.

Majo then married Cassie and they had a child, Krayko.

But danger would lurk in the world still with The Soul of Fate existing somewhere out there. So he left alongside the others to find The Soul of Fate. He knew his son, Krayko would be safe with Cassie’s cousin Marco, who also guarded Akira and Tobias (Jacob and Julia’s sons).

Majo Berenson

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