Tirlock Bloodwolf

An unrelenting combatant with a slow tongue and fast temper


6’3" 21 y/o male half orc ranger
Deity: Kord
Aggressive, melee-based ranger with great running and charge abilities, a stern brow, and permanent blood-like discolorations on his face.


A member of the Bear Mountain tribe, allied to the defenders of Brindol, Tirlock was drawn into the Red Hand conflict during a defense mounted by a group of brave adventurers against waves of invaders. As a youth his original mountain orc tribe was slain and scattered by the hobgoblin Kharn, and he was adopted by the Bear Mountain clan. He believes his entire family to have been slain except his brother Kierhash. Tirlok is known among his tribe as a fierce warrior. The name “Bloodwolf” is a reference to an incident in which, as a child, he pulled out a dagger from a dead cursed wolf and blood sprayed on his face, leaving stains that (for one reason or another) never went away.

The Wyrmford Kham was responsible for the death of his tribe, and Tirlock will use any means necessary to kill him, even at the expense of his allies (Destiny/revenge/active).

Tirlock Bloodwolf

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