Example of Combat

The Players continue with their adventure. Each has their own set of characters, foes, companions, and grunts they can access.

Patrick is the designated Alpha Director, he is running the story utilizing his character Lady Shasta, a young 14 year noble in the City of Denovar in the Elsir Vale. The group, under her lead has delved into the forbidden archives of the Denovar Castle Library in hopes of finding a clue on who murdered the Deacon of the church of Erathis.

Cahomie has been assigned the Game Engineer, he is responsible for the mechanics of the game that fall outside the players characters (s). He runs Mr. Whiskerton, a large cat loyal to Lady Shasta, a companion of level 4.

Jason has been designated the Referee, he will make decisions that the players or other members can not agree upon. Jason is playing a Level 1 Centaur Ranger called Kahesh Spear Swift.

Jackie has been designated the Chairperson, she makes sure that the game moves smoothly; no one violates the social contract and that everyone is having a good time. Her character is Johan, a human 5th level paladin.

Dave is playing his 5th level Minotaur Slayer, Brunswick.

Scott plays a minion who is Lady Shasta’s nurse called Matilda, a level 4 minion.

PATRICK: Lady Shasta holds the lantern up to the massive book case before her. Ancient tomes sit on the shelf, some burnt from fire long ago, other damaged by decay. “This is where the passage ends!”(notice the players do there characters actions in the third person)

SCOTT: Matilda runs her fingers across the dusty book shelves. “This is a disgrace to all that is cleanliness.”

CAHOMIE: Mr. Whiskerton growls at a particular book.“Grrr”
(Notice CAHOMIE is moving the narrative along)

DAVE: “Why is a cat growling at a book?”

JACKIE: “Perhaps it is not a very good book…”

JASON: “Hmmm, I wonder!” Kahesh tries to pull the book out. As he does a loud click is heard. Immediately, the bookcase moves to the side and a small chamber is revealed.
(Jason could have made a roll but instead moved the narrative along)

PATRICK: Lady Shasta enters into a square chamber of 20 × 30 size (draws it on the map grid).

DAVE: At the far end is a desk covered in dusk (draws it on the map). Brunswick broadly strides inside. “About time we got somewhere, lets get this over with.”

P-ATRICK: “Wait!” She peers through the light and suddenly see several figures emerging from the walls! (Patrick uses one of his foes) A translucent dragon born in heavy armor emerges with fiery red eyes wielding a fiery green great sword! (Places mini on the map)-
(Because PATRICK is the Alpha, he has the privilege in initiating a combat).

CAHOMIE: We are at average level 2.66.(Cahomie calculated the level as 5,5, 2,1 4/2, 4/4; making the result 5+5+2+1+2+1 divide by 6. He could also use the XP values: 200+200+125+100+100+50=775 but that would have placed the group at level 2 and it would not be a challenge.

JASON: Level 3.(Jason makes the final decision on the level).
-CAHOMIE: What level is your foe, Patrick?

-PATRICK: A Level 3 Elite worth 300 xp.

-JACKIE: Scott and Dave should put the next foes down since they didn’t have a chance last combat.(Because JACKIE is the Spokesperson, she wants to make sure evry player gets a chance to contribute)

-DAVE: Another Dragonborn appears through the wall but he is much greater in size and wields a giant club. He is level 5, 200 XP. (Dave has chosen his ogre foe and skinned it to a dragonborn ghost, it still falls within 5 levels of Jason’s character, so it is legal).

-SCOTT: Four small ghostlike kobolds appear in the corner wielding daggers. They are level 4 minions. (Scott uses his goblin cutter as the template, but makes them into four minions).

CAHOMIE: That gives us 675. We need at least 225 to make it a level 3 encounter for six players.
-JASON: A Foul stench erupts the room from behind and a dragonborn engulf in flames and smoke appears in the door way. (Jason uses his level 3 Elite Pyro-mancer and re-skins it to be a dragonborn.) That will put us at 975 and Level 3.

-CAHOMIE: Everyone roll initiative. Remember that since these are ghost they are insubstantial and take only half damage, but they are vulnerable to radiant. (CAHOMIE is the Engineer so it falls to him to designate the mechanics based on PATRICK’s and the party’s description of ghostly creatures. If there was question if one creature was Undead or not, JASON would rule on that)

JACKIE: That’s not a problem for me!

As play continues, players who place the foes will play them at their foes’ initiative. The battle will be tough for Patrick and Jason characters but easier for Jackie, and Dave’s character. Cahomie and Scott have the risk of losing their characters but could choose to play new ones, maybe even a friendly ghost in this forgotten library.

When the battle has ended, the player may gain a reward. Since this is the second battle, Jason’s character already chose the first treasure, a Level 6 (Level 1 +5) item. It is now Scott’s PC turn he gets to choose a Level 7 item (Level 3 +4, even if his PC died. Because he is the Alpha Director, Patrick only receives experience at the end of the session and no treasures.

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Example of Combat

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